Are Instagram Boomerangs Still Cool?

The coolness of Instagram Boomerangs is a bit more nuanced than a simple yes or no but the universal short answer is generally no. Boomerangs are even seen as a boomer or millenial feature among some gen Z’ers.

Boomerangs: The Rise and Plateau

Origins: Boomerangs were released in 2015 as a short looping video format. A fresh twist compared to static images or longer videos.

Initial Popularity: They became popular at the time due to their novelty and ease of creation. Boomerangs added a sense of dynamism to Instagram Stories.

Current Status: While still very much a feature on Instagram, they’ve lost some of their initial hype. People use them but they’re no longer the groundbreaking trend they once were.

Why Boomerangs Might Not Be Peak Cool Anymore

Oversaturation: Like any trend overuse can lead to diminished appeal. Cool trends are always started underground and they dwindle in coolness appeal once adopted by the masses. Seeing millions of  Boomerangs of boring activities made them feel less special for the generations that were using them the most.

Alternatives: Instagram (and other platforms) now come with a wider collection of short form video features like Reels which offer more editing options, music and creative potential.

Shifting Attention: The focus of social media continues to evolve. Short form video is still king but the emphasis leans towards more polished and engaging content than the quick and easy style of early Boomerangs.

Does This Mean Boomerangs are Obsolete?

Not necessarily. They still have a utility here and there:

Simplicity: Boomerangs are super easy to make. For quick moments they’re a simpler option than setting up a full Reel.

Specific Use Cases: They are also great for showing repetitive actions, creating visual interest for static subjects and adding a touch of humor.

Nostalgia Factor: There’s a chance that Boomerangs could even see a resurgence in popularity driven by retro internet trends and nostalgia.

The Verdict

They’re no longer the coolest tool on Insta but they at least have a place in the internet hall of fame. And also, if a Boomerang captures a moment in a fun and unique way, go for it. Part of being cool is not caring what other people perceive you as regardless of whether you’re still creating Boomerangs or not.

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