How to Disable Anti Aliasing on AMD

Using the AMD Radeon Software

Open the AMD Radeon Software: Right-click on your desktop and select “AMD Radeon Software” (or whichever name it appears under on your system).

Navigate to Gaming Settings: Within the AMD Radeon Software, find the “Gaming” tab. It will be either on the main screen or in a sub-menu.

Global or Specific Profile: Decide if you want to disable AA globally for all games or just for a specific game.

Global Settings: If you want AA off for all games click on “Global Settings” under the “Gaming” tab.

Specific Game Profile: If you want AA off for a single game, click on “Profiles” under the “Gaming” tab. Select the desired game from the list and then click on “Settings”.

Anti-Aliasing Options:

In either Global Settings or the specific game profile settings, locate the “Anti-Aliasing” section.

You’ll likely see a dropdown menu or toggle switch labeled something like “Anti-Aliasing Mode” or “Sample Rate”.

Disable AA:

Select “Off” from the dropdown menu (if available) or disable the toggle switch for Anti-Aliasing. Some options might use terms like “Use Application Settings” which also disables driver-level AA.

Apply Changes: Click the “Apply” button to save your settings.

Alternative Method: Using In-Game Settings

Many games offer built-in AA options within their graphics settings menus. Launch your game, navigate to the graphics settings, and look for options related to Anti-Aliasing. You will see options like MSAA, FXAA or custom AA settings. Disable the AA option or set it to “Off” to turn it off within the game itself.

Important Notes

Disabling AA will usually improve performance and FPS in games, especially on older or less powerful hardware but it can also make in-game edges appear more jagged and pixelated. You should make the trade-off between performance and visual quality based on how you like to game. Slower but higher quality visuals or faster but not as impressive graphics.

Some games will not allow you to completely disable AA through in-game settings. In those cases, use the Radeon Software method to disable driver-level AA. That is your best option.

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