How to Do Thumbs Up on the Keyboard

1. Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 & 11: Press the Windows key + . (period) to open the emoji panel. Search for thumbs up and choose the variation you want (there are often several).

macOS: Press Control + Command + Space to open the emoji picker. Search for thumbs up and select your preferred version.

Smartphones & Tablets: Most mobile keyboards have a dedicated emoji button. Tap it, look for the thumbs up symbol and select it.

2. Unicode Text Symbols

👍 Thumbs Up: Copy and paste this symbol directly for occasional use.

Alt Codes (Windows):

Hold down the Alt key and type 128077 on the numeric keypad for a basic thumbs up 👍

Alt + 128076 for a downward pointing thumbs down 👎

3. Keyboard Replacements/Text Shortcuts

AutoCorrect (Phones): Set up your phone’s keyboard to auto replace shortcuts like :thumbsup: with 👍. You can find these settings in your phone’s keyboard or language options.

Applications: Some programs and websites have their own text replacement mechanisms. For example in Microsoft Teams typing :thumbsup: auto converts to the thumbs up emoji.

4. Specialized Third-Party Apps

Symbol Keyboards: Apps like Unicode Pad or Character Keyboard come with a full array of symbols letting you find and copy the thumbs up symbol (and many others).

Important Things

Font Support: Not all fonts correctly display every emoji. If you see a box or question mark where the emoji should be your font doesn’t support it.

Platform Differences: Available emoji characters and the process for accessing them will change between operating systems and even specific apps.

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