How to Play Fortnite on Mac

Understanding the Situation

Unfortunately you can’t directly download the latest version of Fortnite on your Mac. Epic Games halted updates for the Mac version after a dispute with Apple. This means there are a few workarounds you’ll need to use.

Methods to Play Fortnite on Mac

The Old Fashioned Way: Epic Games Launcher

You can still install an older version (v13.40) of Fortnite using the Epic Games Launcher. You can actually get that straight from Epic’s website.

But there are some limitations. You won’t get the newest features, can’t play with friends on updated versions and can’t purchase V-Bucks in game. But anything else seems to work fine for now.

The Power of the Cloud: Cloud Gaming Services

This is currently the BEST way to play the full, up to date version of Fortnite on your Mac.

Xbox Cloud Gaming: With an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription you can stream Fortnite through your browser (Chrome or Edge recommended). You’ll need a controller, though.

Nvidia GeForce Now: Offers a free tier to try the service along with paid subscriptions for more features. Supports both controllers and keyboard/mouse.

Things to Keep in Mind

Fiber Optics Internet is Very Important: Cloud gaming relies heavily on a fast and stable internet connection. Lag or a slow connection will ruin your FPS and also your Fortnite experience since it’s a multiplayer game.

Controllers Might Be Needed: Some services work better with a controller even if you normally use a keyboard and mouse for Fortnite.

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