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How to Test the CPU on a Mac

Understanding CPU Testing Goals

Performance: Are you checking if your CPU is running at its expected speeds and handling workloads as intended?

Stability: Do you suspect overheating or other errors causing crashes or system instability?

Diagnostics: Are you narrowing down the cause of a problem that could be the CPU or another component?

How to Test Your Mac CPU

Activity Monitor (Built-in):

  • Open Activity Monitor (Applications –> Utilities).
  • Click the “CPU” tab.


% CPU Usage: This shows overall load. Heavy multi threaded tasks should ideally use multiple cores.

Load Averages: These give a sense of the system’s busyness over time. High sustained averages show you a heavily loaded CPU.

Temperature Readings: (Not always present) If available, this will monitor whether your CPU is overheating under certain types of program loading.

Intel Power Gadget (Intel Macs):

Download from Intel’s website.

Comes with more detailed real-time data on:

Clock Speeds: Are individual cores reaching their advertised speeds?

Power Consumption: Useful for checking if power limits are throttling performance.

Temperatures: Detailed temperature graphs will help diagnose thermal issues.

Benchmarking Tools:

Cinebench: A popular CPU benchmark offering both single-core and multi-core tests (

Compare your scores to others online with similar CPUs for a relative performance gauge.

Geekbench: Another benchmark with cross platform compatibility for comparing different types of systems (

Apple Diagnostics (Limited Value):

Built-in diagnostics tool (hold “D” while booting a Mac).

Primarily checks for obvious hardware failures but will not reveal small CPU performance issues.

Important Things

Thermal Throttling: Modern CPUs throttle their speed if temperatures get too high. Poor cooling will limit the performance even on a healthy CPU.

Background Tasks: Other software running in the background will likely skew test results. For a more accurate benchmarking close everything else.

Apple Silicon vs. Intel: Testing tools differ. Make sure the tool you’re using is compatible with your Mac’s CPU architecture.

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