How to Text a Canadian Number

1. The Country Code +1

You need to include Canada’s country code, which is 1. This tells your phone and the carrier that you’re sending a message outside your own country. If you’re in the US then that’s not important because the country code is the same for both the US and Canada.

If you tried sending a text message to a Canadian phone number and you’re in the US but it failed, the problem is that your carrier didn’t enable international calling/texting on your plan or you don’t have enough credits on your prepaid account.

2. The Full Number Format

Here’s how a full Canadian phone number should look when you’re texting from outside of Canada.

  • +1 (Country Code)
  • Area Code (3 digits)
  • Local Number (7 digits)
  • Example: If you’re texting someone in Toronto with the local number 555-1234, you’d enter it like this: +1 416 555 1234

3. How to Add the Country Code

Most Phones: Usually you can press and hold the 0 key on your phone’s keypad until the + symbol appears. Then, type 1 for Canada and continue with the rest of the number.

If that doesn’t work, type 001 followed by the area code and local number.

4. Send and Wait for a Reply

Once you have the number in the correct format, just send your text as you usually would. International texting rates will apply, depending on your carrier and plan. This can be fairly expensive if your carrier doesn’t like international text/calling.

Important Things

Fees: Check with your carrier about international messaging costs before sending lots of texts to Canada.

Replies: The person in Canada can reply to you normally they don’t need to add anything special for their message to reach your phone.

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